Blue Belt Pattern JOONG-GUN (12 Movements)
Named after An Jung-geun, who assassinated Ito Hirobumi, the first resident-general of Korea, who had led the invading Japanese Imperial army during the forced colonization of Korea. This pattern honors Mr. An’s life which he used to stand up against oppression until he was executed in Liu-shin prison in 1910.

Ready Stance A

  1. Left Ridge Hand Block – Left Cat Stance
  2. Left #1 Front Kick
  3. Right Palm Heel Upset Strike High – Right Back Stance
  4. Right Ridge Hand Block – Right Cat Stance
  5. Right #1 Front Kick
  6. Left Palm Heel Upset Strike High – Left Back Stance
  7. Left Double Knifehand Block – Left Back Stance
  8. Right Reverse Upper Elbow High – Left Front Stance
  9. Right Double Knifehand Block – Right Back Stance
  10. Left Reverse Upper Elbow High – Right Front Stance
  11. Twin Punch High – Left Front Stance
  12. Twin Upset Punch Middle (Yell) – Right Front Stance


  • Black – I Wills (for Junior Students)
  • Yellow – Ki-Bon & Dan-Gun
  • Green – Spin Axe Kick, #1 Heel Kick, #1 Twist/#2 Jump Round Combo
  • Blue – Joong-Gun Half Form, Name of Form, Number of Moves & Meaning
  • Red – Free spar with Belt Rank Kicks