White Belt Pattern KI-BON (14 Movements)
Means “the basics”. It is the first form a taekwondo student learns to build their foundation for their journey to black belt.

Ready Stance A

  1. Left Low Block – Left Front Stance
  2. Right Punch Middle – Right Front Stance
  3. Left Inner Forearm Block – Left Back Stance
  4. Right Punch Middle – Right Front Stance
  5. Left High Block – Left Front Stance
  6. Right #2 Front – Kick Left Sparring Stance

White Belt One-Steps
All one steps start in Ready Stance A and finish in Sparring Stance. Attacker starts from left back stance and steps forward into right front stance with a high right punch.

  1. Step into Left Front Stance, Left High Block, Right Reverse Punch Middle, Step Left Foot Back, Right Front Kick (Yell)

Tenets Of Taekwondo
Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit

Taekwondo Students Oath

  • I shall observe the Tenets of Taekwondo
  • I shall Respect My Instructors and Senior Students
  • I shall never misuse Taekwondo
  • I will be a champion of freedom and justice
  • I will build a more peaceful world

Stripes (On Right)

  • Black – Tenets and Oath
  • Black – Belt and Uniform

Stripes (On Left):

  • Black – I Wills (Junior Students)
  • Yellow – Low Block, High Block, Inner Forearm Block
  • Green – #1 and #2 Front Kick, Attention Stance, Ready Stance, Back Stance, Front Stance
  • Blue – Half Form (end on Right Front Kick Kihap)
  • Red – White Belt One-Step 1 (with partner)