2nd Degree Senior Black Belt Pattern UL-JI (42 Movements)
Named after General Eulji Mundeok who successfully defended Goguryeo against the Sui (“sway”) invasion force led by Emperor Yang (612 C.E.). General Eulji, using hit-and-run tactics, was able to disseminate a large percentage of the force. The diagram (乙) represents his surname. The 42 movements represent the author’s age when he designed the pattern.

Ready Stance F

  1. Twin Hammerfist Strike High (Yell) – Right Front Stance
  2. Left X Block Low – Left Front Stance
  3. Left Knifehand X Block High – Left Front Stance
  4. Right Reverse Outside Knifehand Strike – Left Ridgehand Block – Left Front Stance
  5. Left Backhand High – Sitting Stance
  6. Right Inside Crescent Kick (to left palm)
  7. Right Horizontal Elbow Strike (to left palm) – Sitting Stance
  8. Right Horizontal Punch – Sitting Stance
  9. Left Low Block / Right Backfist High – Sitting Stance
  10. Twin Fists on Hips (Medium) – Closed Stance
  11. Right #1 Side Kick
  12. Twin Elbow Strike – Left X-Stance (left leg in front)
  13. Right Double Horizontal Punch – Sitting Stance
  14. Right Outside Knifehand Strike High – Left Knifehand High Block – Parallel Stance
  15. Left Double Knifehand Block – Left Back Stance
  16. Right Jump Spin Side Kick
  17. Right Double Inner Forearm Block – Right Front Stance
  18. Ready Stance B (Medium) – Closed Stance
  19. Right Hammerfist (To Left palm) Right X-Stance (right leg in front)
  20. Left Reverse High Block – Right Front Stance
  21. Left #2 Front Kick
  22. Right Reverse Punch High – Left Front Stance
  23. Right Spearhand Middle – Right Front Stance
  24. Left Spin Crescent Kick
  25. Left Backfist High (Yell) – Sitting Stance
  26. Right Twin Low Block (sides of body) – Right Front Stance
  27. Right Jump #3 Front Kick
  28. Right Knifehand X Block Middle – Right Back Stance
  29. Left X Block Low / Twin Inner Forearm Block – Left Back Stance
  30. Left #1 Front Kick
  31. Twin High Punch – Left Front Stance
  32. Right Knifehand Block – Left Reverse Palm Heel Strike High – Right Back Stance
  33. Left Punch High – Left Back Stance
  34. Left Double Fist Block (Slide) – Left Back Stance
  35. Right #2 Round Kick
  36. Left Spin Side Kick
  37. Left Double Fist Block – Left Back Stance
  38. Right Palm Hell Upset Stike High – Right Back Stance
  39. Left Reverse Inner Forearm Block – Right Front Stance
  40. Right Reverse Inner Forearm Block – Left Front Stance
  41. Left Punch High – Sitting Stance
  42. Right Punch High (Yell) – Sitting Stance