What Is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a multifaceted martial art. Developed by Korean martial art experts in the 1940s-60s, Taekwondo was born out of older Korean martial arts and styles from other parts of Asia, and quickly became a symbol of hope for the Korean people during times of oppression. It provided them with a form of protection that no one could take away: their feet and hands.

The values of Taekwondo and the community it builds unite people of all ages and backgrounds. From preschoolers to parents and grandparents, Taekwondo instills respect for others, confidence, and self-control while providing a productive outlet for energy. The do-jang has always been a safe haven and second home for the spirit.

On the physical side, Taekwondo is a “hard” martial art that involves standing, striking, and using lots of kicks and punches. At West Coast Taekwondo, we practice an older traditional style and follow the Chang-Hun “Blue Cottage” forms.

While Taekwondo’s rich history began in Korea, WCTKD continues the time-honored tradition of providing a safe and welcoming community for people of all ages and backgrounds.